Words to describe people – One-word substitutes

Often at times, we struggle to get the right words to describe people. This struggle can be so intimidating that we end up making a mess – using the word.

Well, do not worry about it any further, because we bring you some words to describe people (one-word substitutes) that you can use them in your daily conversations or writings.

We assume that you already have an idea about what 0ne-word substitutes here. If you don’t know read it here – One-Word Substitutes

So Let’s Begin!

Words to describe People

words to describe people with negative qualities:

In this post, we will be discussing a few words to describe people and their behavior. You don’t have to get intimidated anymore. Learn the right word (One-word Substitute) and use them in the right context and impress everyone with your vocabulary.

  • Bellicose – the behavior that exhibits or displays an eagerness to fight or wage a war.  Example: 1. His bellicose personality made him a champion in the wrestling competition.  2. John wasn’t invited to the party because of his bellicose behavior.
  • Egotist – is the term used to describe a person who considers himself or herself to be the best. They are the ones who are excessively self-observed and they hold a favorable opinion about themselves. In simple words, they consider themselves to be the best and most important ones among all.  Example: Brian is such an egotist. He constantly keeps bragging about himself and his achievements irrespective of time, place and situation.
  • Fugitive – is a person who runs away. Mostly he is used in a context when someone hides from justice or law. Example: Instead of admitting the crime, Sophia flew to another country and became a fugitive from the law.
  • Hypocrite – is used to describe a person who acts or pretends against his own beliefs. For instance, they speak of something which they themselves don’t approve or believe. As an Example, John lectures a lot about Humanity and Philosophy. However, he never considers to help anyone- he’s such a hypocrite.
  • Petulant – is a term used to describe someone who gets annoyed and irritated like a child. Example: After being dismissed from the team, John behaved like a petulant toddler throwing tantrums. 


words to describe people with Positive qualities:

Furthermore, Now let’s look at some words to describe people with positive qualities.

  • Infallible – usually one who never makes mistakes. Besides, he is free from failures and defects. Example: James will be leading the new project soon. His previous projects were infallible. 
  • Indefatigable – is someone who is determined to achieve and fulfill his goals and objectives. Particularly, it can also mean to describe someone who doesn’t weaken, tire or exhaust easily.
  • Impervious – Generally, it means waterproof. In addition, it may also mean to describe someone who is not affected by what people say. Example: Bella is impervious. She doesn’t pay heed to what others say. She only does what she likes.
  • Humanitarian – Someone who works for improving the lives of people. He is the one who seeks to promote the welfare of people. For Example,  Mother Teresa is the greatest humanitarian. She gave her entire life for the welfare of people.
  • Optimist – Someone who is almost positive in every life situation. He always looks at the bright side of life. He is always happy, content and doesn’t complain. Example: Most of the Successful Entrepreneurs of Optimist. They take criticism and feedback constructively. 


Well, these are some words that you can use regularly in your daily conversation. Now that you have learned them, try to include them in your daily conversation and impress everyone with your language skills.


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