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Dear Learners

addicted2learn.com is all about learning, executing and succeeding. You’ll always have a space on addicted2learn.com to share your – ideas, thoughts, and most significantly your story that can be an inspiration to learners. We’ve got you covered.


What we do at www.addicted2learn.com

– We keep posting articles in the following categories:

  • Motivational Monday – Motivational Tips, Ideas, and Topics
  • Thoughtful Tuesday – Posting Inspiring Quotes and thoughts
  • Wordful Wednesday – Articles focusing on Language, Words, idioms etc.
  • Transformation Thursday  – Sharing stories of remarkable transformation to inspire you.
  • Factful Friday – Inspiring facts of Influencers around the globe.
  • Sagacious Saturday – Sharing wisdom to influence you.
  • Spiritual Sunday – Stories and posts relating to the spiritual journey.

– We also take up stories from our learners and readers that are inspiring and worth sharing.

-We feature the articles on your website that are worth sharing, indexing the author as contributors for our site.


What you can do at www.addicted2learn.com

  • Write to us, sharing your ideas, thoughts, and stories that will be a source of learning to the community.
  • You can always take ideas and inspiration from here and keep learning from here.

We believe that everyone has a story to share and so you do. What’s yours? We would like to listen.

Write to us at – addicted2learninfo@gmail.com

Call us at – +919676080890