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Word of the day May Series: May 31:



Meaning: Behaviour that is childish, silly and immature.

Example Sentence: Sandra got annoyed when no one laughed at her puerile jokes.

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May 30:



Meaning: A person who is poor and impoverished.

Example Sentence: Impecunious students commonly find themselves in debt after overindulging in the use of credit cards.

May 29:



Meaning: Behaviour that is rude and inappropriate.

Example Sentence: Samaira’s impertinence always irritated her colleagues and friends.

May 28:



Meaning: A Guess or inference without any logical interpretation.

Example Sentence: Sameena’s argument in the court was rejected by the judge stating that it was basically a conjecture.

May 27:



Meaning: Eternal, everlasting or continuing indefinitely for a longer period of time

Example Sentence: Pollution all over the world is the aeonian crisis.

 Word of the day May Series: Aeonian: Eternal, everlasting or continuing indefinitely for a longer period of time
Word of the day May Series: Aeonian: Eternal, everlasting or continuing indefinitely for a longer period of time

May 26:



Meaning: Someone or something that inspires great affection and is charming or attractive.

Example Sentence: Ken’s little son is so adorable that a modelling agency decided to hire him for their commercials.

May 25:



Meaning: An action that is sensible and wise in a given circumstance.

Example Sentence: Sandra is politic enough to understand the feelings of her subordinates and take the right decision.

May 24:



Meaning: A clever, inventive and skilled person.

Example Sentence: Amith is ingenious at solving any kind of mathematical equations and puzzles.

May 23:



Meaning: To laugh loudly out of happiness and satisfaction.

Example Sentence: Instead of getting angry, Samaira gave a chortle when her friend made a comment about her personal life.

May 22:



Meaning: The process of birth or development of a plan or an idea.

Example Sentence: After the conception of smartphones, many technological companies came up with smartphone devices.

May 21:



Meaning: Policies, procedures or rules made by people in authority that must be followed by everyone.

Example Sentence: All the restaurants in the town must be in compliance with food safety laws.

May 20:



Meaning: A standard or basis for judging or deciding something.

Example Sentence: In choosing among the auditors, the most important criterion is precision.

Word of the day May Series: Criterion
Word of the day May Series: Criterion

May 19:



Meaning: Begin to grow, flourish or prosper; to expand; to flourish.

Example Sentence: As the government has reduced taxes on the automobile sector, many car manufacturing companies are expecting sales to burgeon.

May 18:



Meaning: Begin or introduce (a system, institution, policy etc.); admitting a person to a position; introduce an organization or project for the first time.

Example Sentence: Sandra inaugurated the playschool where she was was made a chief-guest.

May 17:



Meaning: Practical and sensible; based on practical and realistic experience rather than theoretical considerations.

Example Sentence: Samaira prefers a more pragmatic approach while dealing with her client’s cases

May 16:



Meaning: To settle a dispute between two parties by listening to both the parties and delivering an appropriate and unbiased judgement by an authoritative person.

Example Sentence: Alice is appointed as a mediator to arbitrate the issues between the management and the trade union.

May 15:



Meaning: The natural ability or skill to do something.

Example Sentence: Because Amish has an aptitude for math, he has decided to major in accounting and finance in the college.

May 14:



Meaning: A protective garment that is covered from the front side of one’s clothes and is tied back.

Example Sentence: Alisa asked her daughter to put on the apron before baking the cake.

May 13:



Meaning: A person who self- indulgent in luxury and one who is devoted to sensual pleasure.

Example Sentence: Because James considers himself a sybarite, he only books luxurious hotels for staying during vacations.

Word of the day May Series: Sybarite
Word of the day May Series: Sybarite

May 12:



Meaning: Something that facilitates an activity or makes that activity more efficient or effective.

Example Sentence: Announcement of government support in research, marketing and finance to the budding entrepreneurs gave new impetus to entrepreneurship in the nation.

May 11



Meaning: Highlight or make something prominent or noticeable.

Example Sentence: James loves to wear this t-shirt because it accentuates his biceps.

May 10:



Meaning: Increase in rate, quantity, amount or motion.

Example Sentence: Ever since the sales accelerated, the manager of the company began giving monthly incentives to the employees.

May 9:

Esoteric :


Meaning: Something that is understood only by a few people with specialized knowledge or interest.

Example Sentence: Amit has an esoteric collection of aphorisms, maxims and witty sayings.

May 8:



Meaning: Capable of producing or creating abundantly; In large quantities, or numbers; Fruitful and highly productive person.

Example Sentence: Since Sayan is a prolific worker who knows how to generate sales for his company, he is never criticized for coming late to the office.

May 7:



Meaning: A strong natural desire for food or drink; A natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, craving or taste.

Example Sentence: After all that heavy workout at the gym, I am having a strong appetite for just about anything edible.

May 6:



Meaning: A disease that is spread by touching something or someone.

Example Sentence: The Contagion of Coronavirus can be decreased only when people stay indoors.

 Word of the day: Contagion:  A disease that is spread by touching something or someone.
Word of the day: Contagion: A disease that is spread by touching something or someone.

May 5:



Meaning: Capable of holding so much; Containing a lot of capacity or space; Spacious.

Example Sentence: Sandra’s new home is more capacious and secure.

May 4:



Meaning: Something that is extremely large in size, numbers or degree.

Example Sentence: Sandra is busy checking enormous junk of e-mails in the administrative office.

May 3



Meaning: A habit or interest that is deeply rooted and hence it is difficult to change.

Example Sentence: Emma is an inveterate reader who always has a book in her hands.

May 2



Meaning: Behaviour that is excessively friendly or consisting of too much praise or flattery; oily or greasy in texture or substance.

Example Sentence: Sebastian made an unctuous effort in pleasing his manager and higher officials.

May 1



Meaning: A perfect example of a quality or type, as portrayed by someone or something; A brief summary of an article or work.

Example Sentence: John is the epitome of a modern young man with class and style.

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Some Tips to improve vocabulary:

Apart from learning a new word every day, here are some tips you need to consider if you are willing to improve or expand your vocabulary.

  1. First of all, learn new words every day because learning new words will expand your word power. And as a result, you will be more confident with words.
  2. Learning new words will not be sufficient, also try to include those words in your daily conversations.
  3. Besides learning new words, Keep discussing those words from time to time. Furthermore, Discuss them with someone who is interested in vocabulary.
  4. Carry a dictionary. Wait, that doesn’t mean that you carry a huge bulky dictionary, You have many apps available on both android and ios platforms. Download them.
  5. Understand the root words accordingly. This will make your job easier.
  6. Another key point is to use flashcards to memorize new words.
  7. It’s important to realize that reading is significantly important to expand vocabulary; So, therefore, Read frequently.
  8. Make a note of word that you don’t know accordingly and refer that in a dictionary.
  9.  In addition to the above, you can visit us and bookmark our site: www.addicted2learn.com to learn a new word every day.
  10. Furthermore, you can also find many apps that notify you of a new word every day.

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