Word of the day February Series: Learn a new word every day:

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Word of the day January Series: February 29:



Meaning: Attract and hold someone’s interest or attention.

Example Sentence: As soon as the show began, the contestants captivated everyone in the audience with their mesmerizing ramp walk.

And that’s a wrap for February series, Here’s the link to March Series: Word of the day March Series

February 28:



Meaning: Knowledge and information gained through books and literature.

Example Sentence: Since she is an avid reader, her teachers consider her a booklore.

February 27:



Meaning: Attractive, excellent, amazing or admirable.

Example Sentence: Sandra‘s bodacious art masterpieces are highly admirable.

February 26:



Meaning: Beautiful and attractive.

Example Sentence: Sameena has a beauteous smile along with bright confidence.

February 25:



Meaning: Beauty especially of a woman’s; physical comeliness.

Example Sentence: Although Samaira is not a woman of great pulchritude, her talent and confidence made her win the beauty pageant.

February 24:



Meaning: Show or express something clearly; indicate the evidence.

Example Sentence: Sandra used her expression to evince the depth of love in her drama.

February 23:



Meaning: Eager or interested in acquiring money, wealth or material things.

Example Sentence: Because the CEO of the company is very ambitious, he is acquisitive and enjoys acquiring expensive cars.

February 22:



Meaning: A comment or style of speaking that is often harsh, sharp, and sarcastic.

Example Sentence: The public who came to see their local politician was disappointed by his acerbic comments.

February 21:



Meaning: Avoiding something that gives pleasure or satisfaction especially in terms of food or drinks etc.

Example Sentence: Because I am abstemious with alcohol I am perfectly healthy and active.

February 20:



Meaning: A decision on not to vote on something; an act of abstaining from something.

Example Sentence: Saira didn’t support either of the parties to the dispute. She thought abstention from their internal matters was the best option.

February 19:



Meaning: A strong greed or desire for money, wealth or material gain.

Example Sentence: Pamela’s avarice led her to manipulate the company accounts for personal gains.

 Word of the day January Series: Avarice:  A strong greed or desire for money, wealth or material gain

February 18:



Meaning: Attack or criticize someone with false and malicious charges.

Example Sentence: It is the quality of the politicians to asperse their critics.

February 17:



Meaning: Puzzle or confuse someone.

Example Sentence: All twists in the movie were confusing enough to bumfuzzle the audience.

February 16:



Meaning: A dishonest or unscrupulous person.

Example Sentence: After the knave stole the documents from the government, he was arrested and placed in prison.

February 15:



Meaning: behavior, action or speech that is often meant to impress others.

Example Sentence: Because Karthik is always true to himself, he never feels the need to put on a fake affectation in front of others.

February 14:



Meaning: Spend time thinking or reflecting on a particular subject or issue.

Example Sentence: Sam asked all his team members to cogitate on ideas to boost sales.

February 13:



Meaning: Pretentious, flattering and not expressing true feelings.

Example Sentence: Because Sara wanted a promotion and hike in her salary, she frequently makes unctuous efforts to praise her boss.

February 12:



Meaning: A place usually a university or a college that is concerned with the pursuit of researching, training, learning, and scholarship.

Example Sentence: Because Samantha wanted to continue her education, she decided to spend most of her life in academia.

February 11:



Meaning: Attractive, bubbly, lively and energetic.

Example Sentence: Everyone in the audience applauded when the vivacious singer along with her newly-married husband arrived on the stage.

February 10:



Meaning: Ability to shine brightly; radiant splendor; brilliance.

Example Sentence: As soon as the bride and the bridegroom made their first appearance the entire stage was on the display of effulgence.

February 9:



Meaning: Acting or doing something without proper thinking and consideration.

Example Sentence: Sanya’s impetuous behavior caused many problems in her relationship.



Meaning: Impressive in a way that appears splendid, luxurious, grand or expensive.

Example Sentence: All the guests enjoyed the sumptuous dinner at the wedding.

February 7:



Meaning: Confident and Self-assertive often in an irritating manner.

Example Sentence: Emma is so bumptious and overbearing that most of her colleagues avoid her in her office.

February 6:



Meaning: The business of designing and making fashionable clothing to cater to customer’s specific needs.

Example Sentence: Samantha’s couture wedding gown was designed specifically for her by a renowned fashion designer.

February 5:



Meaning: a process of making corrections or improvements.

Example Sentence: Sam took some time to make emendations to his project.

Word of the day February Series
Word of the day February Series

February 4:



Meaning: A combination of passion, enthusiasm, energy usually in artistic expression.

Example Sentence: Sushmita performed the indo-classical dance with supreme verve and passion.

February 3:



Meaning: Behaviour that is friendly, cooperative and polite among the people or groups.

Example Sentence: Because Stephens is very amicable, the teacher decided to appoint him as the class monitor.


February 2:



Meaning: A long-established habit, activity or interest that is difficult to change.

Example Sentence: Because Samira is an inveterate traveler, she started a new blog sharing her traveling experiences.

Word of the day January Series: February 1:



Meaning: Impossible of being defeated; Undefeatable or Unconquerable.

Example Sentence: Even though James has stage fright, he displayed his indomitable courage to walk on to the stage and address the audience.

Word of the day February Series: Indomitable:  Impossible of being defeated; Undefeatable or Unconquerable.
Word of the day February Series: Indomitable: Impossible of being defeated; Undefeatable or Unconquerable.

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And moreover, We would like to thank our readers for showing us their commendable support. We have received emails from our lovely readers stating that they enjoyed learning new words every day. Some of them even started saying that they are practically implementing it in their daily routine. For this reason, we have decided to start the same series for this month. And trust us, learning a new word every day is not just expanding your vocabulary, but it’s making you more confident and comfortable using these words in your conversations.

Some Tips to improve vocabulary:

Apart from learning a new word every day, here are some tips you need to consider if you are willing to improve or expand your vocabulary.

  1. First of all, learn new words every day because learning new words will expand your word power. And as a result, you will be more confident with words.
  2. Learning new words will not be sufficient, also try to include those words in your daily conversations.
  3. Besides learning new words, Keep discussing those words from time to time. Furthermore, Discuss them with someone who is interested in vocabulary.
  4. Carry a dictionary. Wait, that doesn’t mean that you carry a huge bulky dictionary, You have many apps available on both android and ios platforms. Download them.
  5. Understand the root words accordingly. This will make your job easier.
  6. Another key point is to use flashcards to memorize new words.
  7. It’s important to realize that reading is significantly important to expand vocabulary; So, therefore, Read frequently.
  8. Make a note of word that you don’t know accordingly and refer that in a dictionary.
  9.  In addition to the above, you can visit us and bookmark our site: www.addicted2learn.com to learn a new word every day.
  10. Furthermore, you can also find many apps that notify you of a new word every day.

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