Word of the day April Series: Learn a new word every day:

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Word of the day April Series: April 30:



Meaning: A process of making something clearer or easier to understand for everyone.

Example Sentence: Ken tried to elucidate the matter concerning Trade Unions to the management committee.

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April 29:



Meaning: Clean and spotless; in its original form; fresh and spotless.

Example Sentence: Because the house is still pristine, Amita has decided to buy and renovate the house.

April 28



Meaning: Something that is in huge quantities, lavish, and ample.

Example Sentence: Samaira organized a bounteous buffet for her friends and colleagues.

April 27:



Meaning: Noisy, cheerful, active, and energetic.

Example Sentence: As the class teacher went to meet the principal, the entire classroom became boisterous.

April 26:



Meaning: A wine store or a grocery shop usually in a Spanish community, neighborhood, or region.

Example Sentence: Sandra went to a bodega nearby to purchase some groceries.

April 25:



Meaning: Impress someone with outstanding skills and abilities.

Example Sentence: As soon as the model made her appearance, she bedazzled everyone with her beauty and smile.

April 24:



Meaning: A small piece usually an ornament or jewelry that is showy and overdone.

Example Sentence: At first sight, the jewelry caught my attention, but then when I took from the case, it was nothing other than a worthless bauble.

April 23:



Meaning: A political propaganda or misinformation in the form of art or literature.

Example Sentence: Using his art as an agitprop, the writer tries to put his political views into the reader’s heads.

April 22:



Meaning: Enhance the standard, quality, or condition of something; Improve or make something better.

Example Sentence: In order to ameliorate your communication skills, you need to work on your listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills.

April 21:



Meaning: To recover something that you lost, or to recover from sickness or illness.

Example Sentence: Sandra’s doctor said that she needed to recuperate for a few weeks before she participates in the dance competition.

April 20:



Meaning: A Social gathering or an outdoor party organized for eating clams and other seafood.

Example Sentence: Everyone was having fun eating clams and dancing to the tunes of Beach music at yesterday’s Clambake.

April 19:



Meaning: something that is done secretly or is kept hidden.

Example Sentence: A clandestine meeting was organized among the board members.

April 18:



Meaning: A person who is a beginner, learner, or new to a subject or task.

Example Sentence: Although Samaira is not a neophyte in investments and financial analysis, she still needs to learn a lot about financial markets before she decides to invest in stocks.

April 17:



Meaning: Establish, settle, or make oneself comfortable at a place or position.

Example Sentence: Sandra decided to ensconce at her Grand mother’s home during the lockdown.

April 16:



Meaning: Capable of producing the desired result or outcome.

Example Sentence: Meditation is efficacious in reducing stress and improving the quality of life.

April 15:



Meaning: A person who enjoys fine food and drink and has knowledge of quality food and drink.

Example Sentence: Since Amita is an epicure, she will only eat at the finest restaurants in the town.

 Word of the day April Series: Epicure: A person who enjoys fine food and drink and has knowledge of quality food and drink.
Word of the day April Series: Epicure: A person who enjoys fine food and drink and has knowledge of quality food and drink.

April 14:



Meaning: Energize, Strengthen or revitalize.

Example Sentence: Practising meditation regularly will invigorate the mind and increase our concentration.

April 13:



Meaning: clear and quick in understanding a situation and acting accordingly for one’s own advantage.

Example Sentence: Samaira is an astute businesswoman. She knows how to convert a problem into opportunities.

April 12:



Meaning: Showing or expressing one’s opinions with confidence.

Example Sentence: Sandra’s assertive presence on the stage impressed the audience.

April 11:



Meaning: Improve the standard, quality or efficiency of somebody or something.

Example Sentence: In order to enhance your vocabulary and communication skills, you need to read a lot of books and newspapers.

April 10:



Meaning: Someone or something that deserves great respect, admiration or praise.

Example Sentence: She is given the most estimable position in the organization.

April 9:



Meaning: Abundance and prosperity; state of being wealthy and rich.

Example Sentence: Affluence becomes a part of your life you have a positive mindset towards money and wealth.

April 8:



Meaning: A tendency to raise issues, find faults, or criticize even on small and unimportant issues.

Example Sentence: Sandra’s colleagues avoid talking to her because she is a cautious person who always finds faults in others.

Word of the day April Series: Captious:  A tendency to raise issues, find faults, or criticize even on small and unimportant issues.
Word of the day April Series: Captious: A tendency to raise issues, find faults, or criticize even on small and unimportant issues.

April 7:



Meaning: Easily provoked by anger and quickly irritable nature.

Example Sentence: Because Samira is irascible, most of her friends don’t prefer talking to her.

April 6:



Meaning: Showing a behavior of aggression or tendency to fight; forceful aggression or oppression.

Example Sentence: Because of Sandra’s bellicose behavior none of her colleagues engage in any kind of conversation.

April 5:



Meaning: talk in an enthusiastic manner or to make somebody enthusiastic about something.

Example Sentence: The seminar organized by the institution enthused all the participants to understand the benefits of digital transactions in banking services.

April 4:



Meaning: Avoid something especially a question by giving inappropriate answers.

Example Sentence: Samira was evasive when the teacher asked her the reason for skipping the classes.

April 3:



Meaning: Courteous and Respectful behavior especially towards women.

Example Sentence: Samantha thanked the chivalrous man who offered his seat to her on the crowded bus.

April 2:



Meaning: A daily task or a routine especially that is related to a household.

Example Sentence: Charlie said she will complete her chores as soon as possible and join for lunch in the afternoon.

Word of the day April Series: April 1:



Meaning: Bring something or someone’s feelings under control; Conquer, defeat something or someone.

Example Sentence: Sandra forced herself to subdue and overcome her bad habits.

Word of the day April 1.
Word of the day April 1. Subdue: Bring something or someone’s feelings under control; conquer, defeat something or someone.

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And moreover, We would like to thank our readers for showing us their commendable support. We have received emails from our lovely readers stating that they enjoyed learning new words every day. Some of them even started saying that they are practically implementing it in their daily routine. For this reason, we have decided to start the same series for this month. And trust us, learning a new word every day is not just expanding your vocabulary, but it’s making you more confident and comfortable using these words in your conversations.

Some Tips to improve vocabulary:

Apart from learning a new word every day, here are some tips you need to consider if you are willing to improve or expand your vocabulary.

  1. First of all, learn new words every day because learning new words will expand your word power. And as a result, you will be more confident with words.
  2. Learning new words will not be sufficient, also try to include those words in your daily conversations.
  3. Besides learning new words, Keep discussing those words from time to time. Furthermore, Discuss them with someone who is interested in vocabulary.
  4. Carry a dictionary. Wait, that doesn’t mean that you carry a huge bulky dictionary, You have many apps available on both android and ios platforms. Download them.
  5. Understand the root words accordingly. This will make your job easier.
  6. Another key point is to use flashcards to memorize new words.
  7. It’s important to realize that reading is significantly important to expand vocabulary; So, therefore, Read frequently.
  8. Make a note of word that you don’t know accordingly and refer that in a dictionary.
  9.  In addition to the above, you can visit us and bookmark our site: www.addicted2learn.com to learn a new word every day.
  10. Furthermore, you can also find many apps that notify you of a new word every day.

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