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Today in History:

Today in History
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31-03-2019: Today in History

1917: The territory of the Danish West Indies was acquired by the United States of America for an amount of $25 million from Denmark and was renamed as the United States Virgin Islands.

1921: The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), a warfare branch of Australian Defence Force was formed on 31st March 1921.

1956: Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama came to India as a refugee and is granted political asylum.

1992: The treaty of Federation is signed between the Russian Federation and 18 Republics of Russia in Moscow.

30-03-2019: Today in History

1863: George I, Prince William, born in Copenhagen was made as the King of Greece.

1867: The State of Alaska was purchased by the United States from Russia for 7.2 million US dollars on March 30, 1867.

1870: Texas was readmitted into the United States by the United States Congress.

1961: The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, an international treaty for the prohibition of production and supply of narcotic drugs is signed in Manhattan, New York City.

29-03-2019: Today in History

1849: Dalhousie declared that Punjab had ceased and the territories of Maharaj Duleep Singh had become a part of British India.

1871: Royal Albert Hall was inaugurated in London by Queen Victoria.

1930: Heinrich Bruning (Economist and Activist) was appointed as the Reichskanzler (Chancellor).

2004: Republic of Bulgaria (South East Europe), Republic of Estonia ( North Europe), Republic of Latvia (Northern Europe), the Republic of Lithuania, Romania, Slovak Republic and the Republic of Slovenia join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) as full members.

28-03-2019: Today in History

1801 – The treaty of Florence is signed between France and the Kingdom of Naples.

1842 – Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, believed to be the finest orchestra held their first concert in Vienna.

1871 – The Paris Commune, a radical socialist government that ruled between 18th March to 21st May 1871, held their first meeting on 28th March 1871.

1959 – The Chinese government identified Panchen Lama as the figurehead of Tibet in Lhasa


1625: Charles I, born in the United Kingdom becomes the monarch of three kingdoms: England, Scotland, and Ireland.

1782: Charles Watson-Wentworth, the most honorable Marquess of Rockingham becomes the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 27th March 1782.

1794: Denmark and Sweden form the Neutrality Act of 1794, making it illegal for any American citizen to wage war against any country at peace with America.

1993 – Jiang Zemin Who also served as the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, was appointed the President of the People’s Republic of China on March 27, 1993.


1552 – Guru Amar Das becomes the Third of the Ten Sikh Gurus at the age of 73.

1981 – The social democratic party in the United Kingdom was established by four members: Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams; David Owen and Bill Rodgers.

1931 – Swissair also known as the Flying Bank in Switzerland was recognized as the National airline of Switzerland.

1971 – Bangladesh, earlier known as East Pakistan attains independence from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the late hours of 25th March 1971, and since then 26th of March is celebrated as Independence day every year.


1306 – Robert I – popularly known as Robert the Bruce becomes the king of Scots (Scotland) His reign begins from 25th March 1306 and ends on 7 June 1329.

1555: The City of Valencia which is the capital city of Carabobo State in Venezuela was founded on 25th March 1555.

1802: The treaty of Amiens was signed in the city of Amiens between the United Kingdom and France to eliminate hostility and establish peace.

1957: The Treaty for the European Economic Community was signed by six founding members: Italy, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and West Germany.


1946 – The Cabinet Mission of the British visits India to transfer the power to India.

1977 – Morarji Desai becomes the 4th Prime Minister of India. He is the first to become the Prime Minister from non-Congress Party.

2003 – A league of Arab Nations consisting of 22 Arabic Nations demanded the immediate removal of U.S and British Soldiers from Iraq.

2008 – Bhutan conducts the National Assembly Elections for the first time in Bhutan.


1935 – The Constitution signed by the Philippines was approved on March 23, 2019, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1956 – Pakistan becomes the Federal Republic. It becomes the first Islamic republic on March 23, 1956. Since then, Pakistan celebrates the day as Republic Day in Pakistan also known as Pakistan Day.

1996 – The first direct presidential election was held in Taiwan in the year 1996. Lee Teng-hui from Kuomintang was elected as the president.

2008 – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad was officially inaugurated.


1872 – Illinois becomes the first state to enact a law to promote gender equality that seeks to achieve equal employment opportunities for men and women.

1873 – Abolition of slavery by Spanish National Assembly on March 22, 1873, in Puerto Rico

1939 – Germany received support to take the control of Memel from Lithuania.

1945 – The Arab league which is a group of Arabic speaking nations in African and Asian continents was formed in Cairo.


Before we proceed with today’s history, let us first wish our readers a very happy and colorful Holi.

Happy Holi
Happy Holi

Today in History:

1871 – Otto Eduard Leopold also known as Otto Von Bismarck was appointed the Chancellor of the German Empire.

1990 -The Republic of Namibia attained Independence from South Africa.

1994 – The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is an international environment treaty came into force.

2006 – Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stones and Evan Williams in San Fransico, California.


1956 – Tunisia, a North African Country attains Independence from France.

1602 – The Dutch East India Company was founded by Johan van Oldenbarnevelt on March 20, 1602.

1883 – The Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property which is the first treaty to be organized on Industrial property was signed in Paris.

1999 – Legoland California, a resort and miniature park was opened in California.


2002 – Zimbabwe which was a member of Commonwealth Nation was suspended from the membership on the charges of violation of human rights and electoral fraud.

1962 – Bob Dylan, the famous American Singer released his first album The Freewheelin Bob Dylan, consisting of folk songs.

1946 – French Guiana (in the northeast coast of South America); Guadeloupe (located in the leeward island) and Martinique (the Lesser Antilles became an overseas department of France.


1850 – American Express. a banking and financial company was established by Henry Wells and William Fargo in New York.

1874 – Hawaii and the United States of America sign a treaty that grants exclusive trade rights to free trade.

1922 – Gandhi who was arrested on the charge of sedition, began his sentence on 18th March.

2014 – Republic of Crimea and Russia sign an accession treaty at the Kremlin.


1861 – Small states of the Italian peninsula unified into a single state called the Kingdom of Italy.

1959 – The 14th Dalai Lama, Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, usually referred to as Tenzin Gyatso fled to India. He currently resides in India’s McLeod Ganj.

1969 – Golda Meir was sworn in as the 4th Prime Minister of Israel. She is the first female Prime Minister of Israel.

1941 – The new structure of the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C was accepted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


2014 Crimea votes to withdraw from Ukraine and join with Russia.

2005 – Israel gives away Jericho to Palestinians

1995 – Mississippi finally approved the abolition of slavery by ratifying the 13th amendment 1865 that aims at the abolition of slavery.


1820 – Maine was admitted as the 23rd United State on March 15, 1820.

1827 – the University of Toronto was established on March 15, 1827, by royal charter. It was initially called King’s College.

1564 Christoper Columbus, an Italian explorer returns to Palos (Spain) from America.

1906 – Rolls – Royce Limited is established in Manchester, the United Kingdom on 15th March.

1990 -Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev is elected as the President of the Soviet Union by Congress of People’s Deputies.


1663 – Otto Von Guericke, a German scientist finishes his book on the account of his experiments on Vacuum.

1879 – Albert Einstein, a German Physicist who developed the theory of relativity, was born in Ulm, Germany.

Albert Einstein

1900 – In 1900, the United States of America implemented the Gold Standard Act which required that only Gold is accepted as the standard for redeeming paper money.

1931 – Alam Ara,  an Indian film directed by Ardeshir Irani, which is India’s first sound film was released.


1639 – Though established in 1636, it was renamed as Harvard College in 1639 in the honor of religious leader, John Harvard who ceded his entire library and half of his estate to the university.

1969 – Apollo 9 which was launched on March 6, 1969, consisting of 3 crew members returns back on 13th March 1969.

1997 – Six months before the death of Mother Teresa,  Nirmala Joshi was elected as the Superior General of India’sMissionariess of Charity


1930 – Mahatma Gandhi began the Salt March also known as ‘Dandi March’ against British Monopoly on Salt. The march was almost close to 322 kilometers.

1933 -Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States addressed the people of the United States for the first time.

1968 – Mauritius gained Independence from British Rule on 12th March 1968.

2003- World Health Organization issues a global warning on the widespread SARS disease (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).


1983 – Bob Hawke was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Australia. He was the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia.

1190 – Lithuania celebrates two Independence days. One is on the 11th  of  March i.e. Today and the other being 16th February.

1993 – Janet Reno, an American Lawyer was sworn in as the Attorney General of the United States. She was the first woman Attorney General of the United States.

1999 – Infosys created History by becoming the first ever Indian company to get itself listed on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ).

2006 – Veronica Michelle Bachelet Jeria becomes the first female President of Chile on 11th March 2006. She again assumed the position of President on the same date in 2014, i.e  11th March 2014.


1876 – Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A Augustus Watson successfully test the bi-directional transmission of a telephone.

1949 – Mildred Elizabeth Gillars aka Axis Sally, who was an American Broadcaster employed by Germany was convicted of treason.

1952 – Fulgencio Batista ousted the President Carlos Prio Socarras, in Cuba and declared himself as the ‘Provisional President’

1969  – The assassinator of Martin Luther King Jr., James Earl Ray pleaded his guilty. James was sentenced to jail for a life term.


1776 – Adam Smith, the great Scottish economist publishes ‘The Wealth of Nations’

1796 – Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French Revolutionary married Josephine de Beauharnais.

1959 – Since the World famous Barbie doll was launched in New York at the American International Toy Fair, the day is celebrated as Barbie’s Birthday.

1961 – A Soviet spacecraft named – Korabl Sputnik 4 which carried a mannequin called Ivan Ivanovich, and a dog called Chernushka was launched.

08-03-2019: Today in History

International Women’s Day wishes all the women a very happy women’s day. The history of International Women’s day can be traced back to the year 1909, when the Socialist Party of America organized it for the first time on February 28, 1909. Initially, it started as a one-time event and later gained the momentum. In the year 1917 when Soviet Russia granted women the right to vote, it became a national holiday there. Since then it was celebrated by many communist countries. Finally, the same day was accepted as International Women’s Day by the United Nations in the year 1975.

Happy Women's Day
Happy Women’s Day

1618 –  German Astronomer, Johannes Kepler has propounded The Third law of planetary motion,

1817 –  the world’s largest stock exchange in terms of capitalization, The New York Stock Exchange was founded.

1910 – Raymonde de Laroche from Paris became the first woman aviator in the world to receive a pilot’s license.

1917 – February Revolution evolved in St.Petersburg  lasted for about eight days starting from March 8 – 16. The old style date was 23 Feb – 3 March, hence calling it a February Revolution.

1920 – Syria was proclaimed as the Arab Kingdom of Syria on 8 March 1920.

1957 – Ghana which gained Independence from the United Kingdom on March 6, 1957, joined the United Nations immediately after two days on March 8, 1957.

1974 – Charles de Gaulle Airport also known as Roissy Airport was inaugurated on 8 March 1974 in Paris, France. It is the 10th busiest airport in the world.

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