The Lion and the Mouse story for kids:

Are you looking for some interesting moral stories to read for your children during quarantine? If so, ‘The Lion and the Mouse story’ is one worth reading for your children.

The Lion and the Mouse story:

Once upon a time there lived the king of Jungle called Mr Lion. One day, while he was sleeping, a little mouse started jumping up and down on Mr Lion. This irritated the angry Lion and he awoke putting his huge paw on the mouse, and he opened his big jaws to swallow the mouse.

The frightened little mouse begged for mercy, pleading “Pardon me, Oh King!” I will never do this again and I shall remember you for your kindness. And who knows, I might even be helpful for you when the time requires!

The Lion thought for a while and he was touched with the idea of the mouse helping him. He later lifted his paw and let him go.

After a few days, a few hunters came to the forest to capture the lion so that they can use the lion in their zoo.

Coincidentally, the little Mouse happened to pass by the area where the Lion was captured. On seeing the Lion’s plight, the Little mouse went to him and chewed away the ropes that bound him. This way, little Mouse repaid his kindness towards the Lion.

The Lion thanked the little mouse for the kindness and thereafter the Lion and the little Mouse became friends lived happily in the Jungle.

MORAL: Small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly.

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