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The Choice of Birbal

So it’s Saturday and we are back with another Akbar Birbal stories for kids. so let’s enjoy reading one of the most popular Akbar Birbal stories – The choice of Birbal

One fine day, Emperor Akbar asked his advisor Birbal in the royal court, what he would choose if he was offered two things. One being Justice and other being a gold coin.

Without any hesitation, Birbal outrightly said that he would choose “The Gold Coin”

On the reply, Akbar was surprised. He asked, “You prefer a gold coin to justice?”

Birbal said, “Yes my majesty, I prefer a gold coin.”

All the courtiers were happy with Birbal’s display of foolishness. They were thinking that Birbal’s greed was exposed before the king. All these years the efforts to discredit Birbal by the courtiers failed but this fool Birbal had done it himself.

They were so happy to realize that Birbal was exposed before the king and the could not believe their luck.

Akbar said: ” I would have been dismayed if even the lowliest of my servants had said this, but this answer coming from you is very shocking and sad for me. I didn’t know you were so greedy for money!”

Birbal replied quietly: “Your Majesty!, One always asks for what one doesn’t have. It is a well-known fact that in our kingdom justice is already prevailing and so it is already available to me as well and I’m always short of money, so I would prefer the gold coin.”

King Akbar was very much impressed with Birbal’s reasoning and so he decided to give him not one but a thousand gold coins.

Moral: Intelligence and honesty always impress others.

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