Smartphone addiction: How to deal with Nomophobia


We have already discussed how smartphone addiction impacts the quality of our life. To read the entire post read – Nomophobia: How it affects the quality of your life

In this post, we are going to discuss some strategies to deal with smartphone addiction (Nomophobia)

Smartphone addiction: How to deal with Nomophobia:

Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction ( Image by TeroVesalainen on Pixabay )

Dealing with any kind of addiction might look demanding and painful. However, when the approach is systematic and practical it can be easily dealt. The same goes for smartphones too. These tips can surely benefit you, provided that it is implemented systematically and regularly.


Dealing with smartphone addiction (Nomophobia) requires acknowledgment or recognition of certain facts. Running away from the truth or probably giving yourself some kind of excuse for the addiction will surely not help you. You got to understand that you have gone to an extreme level of addiction. It’s only when you acknowledge the existence of a certain problem, you work to overcome it. The same is in the case of smartphones too.

Setting a plan:

Setting a plan can only be possible when you acknowledge the existence of a certain problem. After acknowledging your smartphone addiction, you need to work on it and that’s where your planning comes in. Don’t be harsh to yourself when you plan. Curbing smartphone addiction doesn’t mean that you avoid using your smartphone. All you have to do is to set limits. Take periodical increments. Set preferred timings and limits for using smartphones. Avoid carrying your mobile everywhere you go. furthermore, setting a screentime alert on your mobile phone can help you have a check on your usage. Avoid using mobile phones at night time before going to bed and also during the early morning hours after you wake up. Additionally, you should stop using your mobile during the following activities – breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.

Track your progress:

Dealing with addictions require that you track your progress. Often at times, we forget to track our own progress. It is essential to track your plans because that’s how you work on your plans. Tracking your plans tell you how much you’ve achieved and where you went wrong. It further motivates you to keep moving forward. Additionally, it helps in identifying your weaknesses and help you in overcoming them.

Breaking Temptations:

Any addiction can be tempting and difficult to overcome. So is it with smartphones too. Every time, you are tempted to use your smartphone, think of some alternative that fascinates you. Here are some tips that can help you to deal with temptations.

  • Switch on your favorite piece of music
  • Walk the dog.
  • Catch up with your old friends
  • Have a family time.
  • Talk to people in your community.
  • Solve puzzles and riddles
  • Organize your desk
  • Remind yourselves about your pending work.
  • Read your favorite genre
  • Learn a new skill
  • Learn a new language and the list is not exhaustive.


Any addiction can be difficult to deal with. But, that doesn’t mean that overcoming them will be difficult too. A simplistic yet practical approach can surely help overcome any kind of addiction. Following the tips mentioned above can surely help you in overcoming smartphone addiction.

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