Self Motivation: A Practical guide to motivate yourself.

Do you rely on someone else for motivation? Do you find yourself struggling with Self Motivation? Confused about how to motivate yourself?

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

In a layman’s language, we will bring you to some of the practical yet simplistic approaches to guide yourself. Trust us, Self Motivation has never been so easy.

Self Motivation: A Practical guide to motivate yourself.

Self Motivation
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Identify and Acknowledge:

The first step that requires self-motivation is Identification. Identification of what? Identifying and acknowledge the fact that you need motivation in life. If you really on someone else for motivating you, probably there are chances that you will not get it every time. So pull up your socks and say it to yourself ” I can motivate myself”. Self Motivation begins with yourself.

Set Goals:

Having goals in life will give direction. It’s crucial that you have certain goals in life. Having no goals and objectives is like traveling without knowing your destination. Self-motivation is meaningless without goals. Setting goals in life will help you in realizing the purpose of life. And so setting appropriate and achievable goals will surely help you motivate yourself.

Self Analysis:

If you think you can’t do anything about motivating yourself, we would suggest you do a self-analysis. Motivation begins with questions. Start asking yourself some serious question. What are your strengths? How could you use your strengths in fulfilling your goals and objectives? What are your weaknesses? How are they impacting your life? What can you do to overcome that weakness? How can working on those weakness benefit you? etc.


Reading inspirational quotes and motivational quotes will surely help you. However, it’s equally important that you execute the action plan for the questions that you have had for yourself in self-analysis phase. This is probably where many people fail. Planning without execution is meaningless. If you really want to motivate yourself, execution is a must.


Along with execution, commitment also has an important role to play. You should have a strong desire and a commitment to what you want to achieve. Identifying the need and role of commitment will make realize how commitment can help you in self-motivation. Any action to show possible output requires commitment. Without commitment, you cannot achieve anything.


Do you know what makes something so excited about self-motivation?! Yes, it’s the comparison. When we say comparison, we mean a comparison of ourselves with our past. Comparing yourself to others is completely waste of time and nothing can be achieved out of it except disappointment and a feeling of inferiority. The comparison should always be internal. Continuously comparing yourself with your past performances can surely boost your self-image thereby motivating you to keep progressing.

Corrective Action/Remedial measure:

Of course, there will be times when you might not have shown incredible progress. But don’t get depressed about it. Rather than feeling bad about it, think about it as a Remedial measure. Think of it as a medium for self-improvement.

Take Inspiration:

You know what the World is full of inspiration. There’s inspiration everywhere in your life. You just have to find it. Look at people in your life, your family, friends, society, in books, on the internet, and almost everywhere. Learning from people and executing them in your life can surely give you a feeling of content in life. That’s how you grow and evolve.

You are much stronger than you think.

So what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and take responsibility. You are the architect of your life. Make it happen. You are your motivator. Self Motivated after reading this post? Do share it, because everyone deserves to be self-motivated.

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