Pranayam for life: 5 Basic Pranayama that everyone should practice:

Pranayam for life: 5 basic pranayamas that everyone should practice

Doing pranayamas or breathing exercises can be a good choice for you if you want to have a healthy sound body. Because when you perform pranayamas, it helps you to relax your mind and helps you to think clearly. Also if you perform pranayamas on a daily basis it will help you to control your thought and body.

A pranayama is a form of breathing exercise in yoga. As you know yoga is getting very popular these days among fitness freaks and common people. Because yoga includes every kind of exercises from stretching to meditation which helps to control your mind.


Once you are able to conquer your thoughts and mind you can bring a huge change in your life. In this article, I am gonna share the top 5 basic pranayamas which will help you to change your life.

One more thing that these pranayamas are for everyone, so anyone can do these pranayamas. All you need is just a silent corner at your place.

Pranayam for life: 5 Basic Pranayama to change your life

1. Bhastrika Pranayam ( Bellows Breath )

2. Anulom Vilom ( Alternate Nostril Exercise )

3. Kapalbhati Pranayam ( Skull Shine Exercise )

4. Bhramari Pranayam( Bumble Bee )

5. Udgeeth Pranayam ( Chanting Breathing )

Now we are going to see these Pranayamas in detail so get ready:-

1. Bhastrika Pranayam ( Bellows Breath )

The first on our list is pranayama known as ” Bellows Breath “, there is a reason behind putting this pranayama first on this list and that is, this pranayama is kind of a warm-up for your lungs and respiratory system.

So that it can prepare you for upcoming Pranayamas.

It is very beneficial in common cold and asthma, it will also help you to get rid of stress and depression.

How to do it:-

1. In the beginning, make a Padmasana and begin concentrating on the breaths.

2. Now take a deep breath and also breath out deeply. Open the lungs to its highest potential and fulfill it with oxygen

3. Hold it for two or three-second then breath out all the air forcefully. Perform it for one minute to settle the lungs.

4. Speed up the entire process of breath in and breath out. When you take your breath out the energy should come from your Diaphragm.

5. You must always keep in mind that you need to be steady when you perform this pranayama.

6. Many people make some faces when they perform this exercise, but I recommend you not to do so, always have a gentle smile on the face when you performing any pranayama.

7. Perform this pranayama for at least five minutes every day to get the most out of it.

2. Anulom Vilom ( alternate nostril exercise )

Next on this list, pranayama which is known as ” alternate nostril Breathing “, this pose has many benefits for your body such as It keeps your brain active, It is beneficial in common cold and cough and also it boosts your immunity system.

How to do it:-

  1. In the beginning, you need to sit erect and make a straight line with your spine and head.
  2. Now keep the right palm on the right knee in Gyan mudra.
  3. Afterward, use your thumb of the left hand to close the left nostril.
  4. At first, breath out the unclean air gently from the right nostril and clear the lungs.
  5. Gradually take a breath in the clean air from the right nostril and fulfill the lungs with it.
  6. Shut your right nostril with your ring finger of your right hand and breath out gently from your left nostril.
  7. When you perform this breathing you should always remember that your speed of exhaling must be slower than your inhaling.
  8. This method develops your concentration and also quiet your body and brain.

3. Kapalbhati Pranayam ( skull shine exercise )

Next pranayama on this list known as ” skull shine exercise “, like other Pranayamas it has many benefits such as It enhance your concentration power level, it purifies your body by removing the toxin. It also helps you to reduce your dark circles.

How to do it:-

  1. Start with sit-in an erect pose your back and neck should be in a straight line.
  2. Now gradually take a breath and fulfill the lungs to their highest capacity.
  3. Then begin feeling your belly muscles and stay relax.
  4. Immediately release the breath by using your stomach muscles.
  5. This breathing helps you to take out all the toxins from your body.
  6. Do it for about two minutes and then relax your lungs.

4. Bhramari Pranayama ( Bumble Bee )

This breathing is my personal favorite and it is known as ” Bumble Bee “, after performing this pose you will get quick relief to your stressed-out brain.

This Pranayama got its name from an Indian bee ” Bhramari ” which is why we also call it ” Bhramari Pranayama”.

How to do it:-

  1. In the beginning, sit-in an erect pose your back and neck should be in a straight line.
  2. Use your thumb to close your ears and close your eyes with your rest fingers.
  3. Feel your body and mind.
  4. Make a humming sound of a bee while inhaling and exhaling the breath.
  5. Perform this Pranayama for at least 5-6 times to get the most out of it.

5. Udgeeth Pranayam ( Chanting Breathing )

So last on this list pranayama is known as ” Chanting Breathing “, this Pranayama is really beneficial for those who are suffering from anxiety and sleeping disorder and also it reduces hypertension of your brain and increases its power.

How to do it:-

  1. In the beginning, sit-in a Sukhasana or padmasana, remember to keep your back in a straight line.
  2. Now close the eyes and concentrate on breathing and fulfill the lungs with its highest capacity.
  3. Hold your breath for two seconds.
  4. Make a sound of Om from your mouth while exhaling the air from your nostrils.
  5. Feel the aura of Om in your body and relax for 5-6 seconds, perform at least 4-6 rounds of this Pranayama.


So these were some pranayamas which help you to calm your mind as I mentioned earlier, so do these pranayamas every day. To get the most out of them I will recommend you do them in the morning because this time the air quality is really good. The atmosphere is also quite.

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