Positivity Jar: How to create it?

Before we begin, let us assure you one thing – Positivity Jar can immensely transform the way you feel about yourself. And to be precise, it will make you a more positive and better person. So, this calls for creating your own personalized Positivity Jar for your personal development. So What’s stopping you? Just read on and be the best version of yourself!

Before we begin, we want you to know some basic stuff!

What is Positivity Jar?

Positivity Jar
Positivity Jar

As the name suggests, A positivity Jar is a Positivity Jar.

Oops, but that might have sounded too general, right?

If so, relax, there is nothing big to be explained about it.

It literally means a jar that is full of positivity. It is a great way to just identify and remember all the good things that you are thankful for in your life! Positivity Jar is a jar that is filled with all the things that make you feel good and include a thought, quote, positive feelings and emotions, photographs, appreciation letter or even a simple thank you note.

What does it require to create your Positivity Jar?

Well, to be honest. Nothing much! You can begin with jars that are available from your own kitchen. Of course, you can also get one online. So, the basic essential for a positivity Jar is a Jar (preferably glassware) which you are going to fill it with moments that make you happy. Additionally, you might require papers especially colored ones to make it more exciting and interesting.

How to use? What Goes into it?

As the basic idea behind creating a positivity Jar is to fill in the Jar with all the good things in your life, you can just get creative by adding anything that makes you feel good or uplifts your emotions to your jar. So, what you put into it is completely up to you. We can give you some tips and ideas on what goes into it.

The best moment of the day:

If you are figuring out what to fill in your jar, here’s the first tip. Take a piece of colored paper (any color of your choice) and write down the best moment of the day and put it in jar. Doing this can uplift your mood and by looking at jar you eventually feel good about yourself.

An inspiring quote:

Quotes can instantly uplift the way we feel about ourself. So, why not add an inspiring quote or a thought to your positivity jar?

Something that you are thankful for:

An attitude of gratitude takes you to a new altitude said, someone. Being thankful for what you have in life, shifts you into a zone of positivity. If you are thankful for something, just write it on a piece of paper and put it in your jar.

New people you meet:

Never hesitate to write about the people you meet. Jot down the best qualities in them. Practicing this can help you look at the positive qualities in others and this reminds you that there is always beauty to be found in everyone.

A Fun Moment:

Had fun with colleagues at the workplace? Or had a great time with your loved ones at home? Or met someone funny while commuting back home? Whatever the case may be, if that seems funny to you, just add that beautiful fun moment to your positivity Jar.

Something that inspired you

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and recognize it. If there’s is something that inspired you so much, just write it down and put it in the positivity jar.

Something that you learned

As we always say learning is a continuous process, adding up what you learned into the jar is also one of the best ideas. Learned a new skill, art or a new word, or maybe something that you weren’t aware of earlier? consider them adding it to your Positivity Jar.

Goals and Achievements:

Nothing can make you much happier than hitting your goals and targets. Consider writing about your goals, achievements, or the track of the progress made, no matter how small they are. This will surely uplift your mood and you’ll feel much confident about yourself.

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