Planning Your Spiritual Enlightenment Journey – A Beginner’s Guide

Planning Your Spiritual Enlightenment Journey – A Beginner’s Guide

Planning Your Spiritual Enlightenment Journey - A Beginner's Guide
Planning Your Spiritual Enlightenment Journey – A Beginner’s Guide

With all psychological disorders and mental disturbances becoming an inherent characteristic of the society, there has been a widespread of hue and cry everywhere. Unable to cope-up with the adversity that the current society is going through, there has been a drastic increase in crime, injustice, and suicides. The existing chaos can only be reversed through Spiritual Enlightenment Journey.

If you are looking forward to embarking on a path of spirituality, please consider the fact that there need to be taken a lot of precautions before you can actually decide. There are pros and cons which you need to know. The journey is not so easy with many challenges. Please read on the post to know more about how to plan if you’ve decided to explore spirituality.

 Planning Your Spiritual Enlightenment Journey – A Beginner’s Guide:

1. Don’t expect quick results:

The decision to choose the path of spirituality can be quick and super easy. However, on the contrary, expecting quick results can be too much to think about. You might have to struggle with many things especially with your new life that cringes to a new level, breaking your established equilibrium. We are so habituated with our established patterns of living that we easily get irked when there’s a change, so that’s where you need to hold your horses.

2. Understand your inner-nature:

Often at times why people fail in the path of spirituality is the fact that they get easily carried away something that is not meant for them. One must understand that there are different approaches. For some people, meditation might be really beneficial and for some, just a shift in mindset can help. It differs from person to person. One has to connect with his inner self by asking questions. What is that you are looking for? How can you achieve for what you are looking for? etc.. Basing on the internal analysis, they have to adopt a particular method or practice. It all starts internally. Don’t jump to a particular practice or method just because somebody had told you. Ask yourself, connect internally before you can actually adopt a particular practice.

3. Changes in lifestyle:

This is something you need to be really serious about. You have to completely alter your current lifestyle. You are what you eat. Have a close watch on what you eat. Go green and avoid eating animal meat. Adopting green, organic and vegan diet can be challenging initially but they have many benefits that can ease your path to spiritual enlightenment.  Along with diet, one also need to consider the value of time spent on a daily basis. analyze your tasks in terms of productivity. Discard activities that don’t contribute you on any sphere. Moreover,  It’s very important that you follow strict timings of your approved activities. Eat green. Keep your schedule minimal and take the time to analyze your thoughts.

4. Stop Complaining:

As discussed already, the path of spiritual enlightenment is challenging. Hence you need to really be calm. Many times we see people complaining about something or the other. This is something one must really quit. Though It’s a human tendency to always look at a half empty glass, you must start appreciating for having half full. You will see a tremendous change in yourself when you start appreciating for all the beautiful things you are blessed with. Practice Gratitude.

5. Tame your Brain:

One of the hurdles in the path of the spirituality is the constant chatter of the mind. Buddhists zen often consider a mind as a monkey that wanders everywhere possible. Though it’s a human tendency you can always train your brain to stay calm. Give attention to your thoughts. Examine the thoughts and their reaction. If any thought brings you a sense of negative feeling, discard them immediately. Shift your attention immediately to a thought that makes you happy.

6. Connecting with Nature:

Connecting with Nature teaches you simplicity and guides you towards spirituality in the simplest way possible. You connect instantly with various laws of nature that speeds up your transformation process. We are so stuck up in the busy technical world that we barely take time to associate with Nature when it is willing to teach us so many Laws. You really need to unplug yourself from your technical world filled with networking, gadgets, and stuff and enjoy the company of Nature.

7. Monitor Your Emotions:

You experience what you feel. Emotions of guilt, fear, doubt etc. can hamper your spiritual journey. The moment you realize you are experiencing any of the negative emotions, you need to switch.  You can easily divert your negative emotions to positive ones, just by recognizing and diverting it. Do what makes you happy. Listen to music. Talk to a person whom you love most. Visit a place where you find peace like a temple or a church. Watch some feel-good videos and content on the web. And what not? You certainly know what makes you happy. Just do it.

8. Organizing your Journey:

Spiritual Journey often requires that you organize your entire strategy.  Decide on various aspects like – What are the methods that you are planning to include like – Yoga, Meditation, Reiki etc. How are you going to do it? What are the resources available? What timings are considered beneficial ? etc. It’s also important that you journal your thoughts and activities. It gives you an idea of how you kept progressing. Moreover, it’s advisable to keep the approach minimalistic yet reflective. Organizing your Spiritual Journey effectively plays a crucial role in the success of your spiritual journey, hence it’s very significant that you take adequate consideration in organizing it.

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