Nomophobia: How it affects the quality of your life

Nomophobia: How it affects the quality of your life
Nomophobia: How it affects the quality of your life

Hey you, Are you suffering from  Nomophobia?

What? Whatphobia?!

Ok, let me put it this way!

Do you get panicked when you find that your battery is about to be discharged? Do you get annoyed when you find the low mobile signals in your vicinity not allowing you to make calls? Does the feeling of losing your phone terrify you like nothing else?

If all the answers to the questions above are – Yes, Then you are suffering from Nomophobia.

The evolution of smartphones have of course made our lives more comfortable and convenient. Everything today is available at the option of click. The benefits associated with smartphones cannot be denied. They play a major role in our daily life. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have become part and parcel of our life.

But anything that crosses the limits of usage becomes an addiction. Many pieces of research show an alarming rate of mobile addiction. The objective of this post is not meant to tell you to avoid using mobile phones. In fact, the post talks about the phobia or disorder we face from excessive usage of mobile phones.

Nomophobia: How it affects the quality of your life:

Let us take a look at how excessive use of mobile phones affects the quality of our life:


If there is one thing that affects badly in your daily routine due to excessive indulgence on mobile phones, then it has to be ‘procrastination’. You might take things for granted. The release of dopamine in your brain gives you valid reasons for indulgence. You feel satisfied checking your Instagram feed, Facebook posts, checking emails etc. for a longer duration postponing most important tod0s and agendas.


Excessive indulgence, of course, does increase your dopamine levels giving you a feeling of delight, pleasure, joy and what not? But rather you are straining yourself physically (on your eyes, neck and body posture) and also mentally.

Reduced Efficiency:

It’s obvious that when you procrastinate and strain your present moment, You will have to put in extra time and effort to accomplish the task on time. This, in fact, affects your efficiency and output.

Accidents and Hazards:

A report published by National Saftey council in 2018 has shown that almost 1.6 million road accidents are caused due to texting/calling while driving. It is 6 times greater than the accidents caused by drink and drive cases. Apart from these, there are also accidents involving people clicking selfies at dangerous sites and points.

Reduced Social Interactions:

With the growth of innovating software products and apps, people find it convenient and easy to interact virtually than going out and interacting with real people. This is making people shy, awkwardly under confident in social meetings and gatherings.

Effecting Relationship:

A relationship is all about sharing, caring and valuing each other. What if the mobile intrudes in between? Obviously, it creates a feeling of distrust, irritation, and ignorance in the relationship

Setting the same pattern of lifestyle to your children:

Do you know that children imitate you? They learn what they see. When you constantly look into your mobile phone, you are indirectly encouraging your children to adopt the same nomophobia in them as well. Further making your children inactive and lazy.

Reduced Quality Sleep:

Just compare your current lifestyle with the lifestyle when you hand those landline phones. Were you awake at midnight scrolling for videos, texts, and calls? You surely had a daily regime. Do you know that most of the health problems are associated with sleeping disorders and reduced sleeping hours?


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To sum it up, mobile phones surely help us in many different ways that simplify our work and save our time. Of course, they are considered to be beneficial in our daily life if used appropriately. However, excessive indulgence can lead to a syndrome or habit, which do more harm than good. So understanding the effects of smartphone addiction and implementing a certain amount of restraint to control the temptation can help in improving the quality of your life.


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