Life lessons from the tale of golden droppings.

This Saturday let us take some life lessons from ‘the tale of golden droppings’ which was originally composed by Pandit Vishnu Sharma in his Panchatantra. In this post let’s read an interesting story about a special bird ‘Sindhuka’ and also let’s try to take some life lessons from the story.

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Life lessons from the tale of golden droppings.
Life lessons from the tale of golden droppings.

Once upon a time, there lived a special bird named Sindhuka. The reason why it was rare and special is that whenever and wherever it’s droppings fell down, they turn into Gold. The special bird used to live alone on a huge tree on the top of a mountain.

One day a hunter came around in the Jungle to hunt some birds. Unfortunately, he was not able to hunt any bird. Feeling tired and dissatisfied he thought of taking rest under the same tree where the Special bird Sindhuka was living. While he was taking rest under the tree, the special bird discharged its droppings, that fell beside the hunter. The hunter was wonder-struck when he saw that the droppings turned into gold.

Looking at this magical incident, the hunter began to think, “ I have been catching birds for so long years, but I have never seen or heard of a bird, whose droppings turn into Gold. This is surely a magical bird, I should definitely catch it!”

Having decided to catch this special bird, he conspired a plan to trap the bird. The hunter covered the tree with a net very carefully, which the bird did not notice and was finally trapped. As soon as the bird was trapped into the net, the hunter caged the bird and started going back to his home. While on the way home the bird was repenting itself of how irresponsible and careless it was to not notice the trap.

While on his way, the hunter was confused about what to do with the bird. He thought, “If I keep this bird, I can easily become rich. But as soon as I become rich everyone will be suspicious. The truth cannot be hidden for a long time, someone will find it and report to the King. Rather than, someone finding it and reporting it to the king, it’s better to present the bird to the king and be content with whatever the King offers me in exchange for the bird.”

Having decided to present the bird to the king, the hunter immediately went to the Palace and told everything about the special bird. After saying about the specialty of the bird, the hunter presented the bird to the King. The King was so pleased and happy to receive such a bird whose droppings turn into Gold. The King then ordered his servants to take the bird and treat it with proper care and feed it with plenty of food and water.

In the meantime, one of the ministers in the Palace went to King and said, ” Oh king, How is to possible that the bird’s droppings turn into Gold? I haven’t heard or seen anywhere that the bird’s droppings turn Gold. How can you believe a hunter who is just faking a story? I request you to open the cage and free the bird and punish this hunter for creating a fake story.

After listening to the words of his trusted and wise minister, the King thought for a while and agreed with his minister. He immediately ordered his servants to release the bird from the cage and to arrest the hunter for creating a fake story.

As soon as the bird was released from the cage, it flew up and reached the top of a nearby wall and sat there. Sitting on the wall, the bird discharged its droppings. The discharged droppings turned into Gold as soon as they fell on earth. The King and all his ministers were surprised to look at the incident. Looking at the droppings converted into Gold, the King ordered his servants to catch the bird. However, the bird flew away in the sky and promised itself that it would never be careless again in the future. It moved to a place where nobody could trap her and it lived happily thereafter.

Life lessons from the tale:

Always be alert and have an eye on what’s happening in your surroundings:

Not being alert, the Bird failed to notice the trap that was made for it, and consequently landing itself into the cage. So, always be alert and active. Constantly keep an eye on the changes taking place in your surroundings.

Don’t exhibit your skills/talents everywhere you go:

Of course, the bird has the skill of converting its droppings into Gold and it might not have intentionally exhibited its specialty. But that’s how it landed itself into the trap. Hence, always be careful when and where you exhibit your skills and talents. You don’t have to exhibit it. Use them only when and where it is required.

Don’t overthink:

The hunter in the story went too far thinking that it would be suspicious for others discovering him getting rich. Had he not thought that way, he would have the bird with him. In the same way, overthinking not only creates doubts and anxiety but you also miss golden opportunities by over-thinking.

Check thoroughly even what seems to be impossible:

Often at times, we look at things and quickly judge them. We tend to overlook what seems impossible. We don’t take enough time to check the possibilities before labeling something as impossible. It is not essential that what looks impossible has to be impossible. In the story, the droppings of the bird converting into Gold seemed to be impossible to the ministers and his King and their failure to check it was King’s loss. Hence, always remember to check twice even if something seems or appears to be impossible.

Learn from mistakes:

Always remember to take lessons from mistakes. Of course, the bird might have committed the mistake of not being alert at the beginning, but it took a learning lesson from that mistake and lived happily thereafter. Hence, it’s very essential that we learn from mistakes and never commit them again to live a happy life.

We hope that this story has entertained and motivated you with some life lessons. Don’t forget to share this wisdom with your family, friends, and colleagues, because learning is continuous. Keep Learning, Keep Sharing!

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