Jogging: How it can benefit you.

Are you thinking of including Jogging in your daily regime? If so, then this worth your reading.

Before we begin explaining the benefits of jogging, it becomes very important to actually understand the basics.

What is Jogging?

Jogging may be understood as an activity of gentle or steady running. The basic difference between running and jogging may be understood in terms of speed. In jogging the pace is usually less than 6 mph, while in running the pace is faster than 6 mph. So putting it in simple terms, jogging is a kind of trotting or running at a slow pace. The basic intention in jogging is to increase the workout of the body without much strain on the body. So jogging is a process that involves running but at a slower pace. It is slower than running but is faster than walking.

How Jogging can benefit you?

Jogging regularly can benefit you in the following ways:

1. Jogging helps you in weight loss:

If you want to lose that extra fat, jogging is highly recommended. When you Jog for 30 minutes in a session you will burn about 300 calories. However, it is also recommended to have a check on what you eat. There is no point in Jogging for half an hour and then grabbing your favorite ice cream bar on the streets. So, maintaining a healthy diet along with your regular jogging can surely help you in shredding that extra fat. Apart from burning those extra calories, jogging regularly can help you maintain your weight and also helps in boosting the body’s mechanism.

2. Improves Mental Health:

Now, you got to experience this yourself! Jog for 30 minutes and let me know how you feel about yourself.

Jogging not only helps you get rid of that extra fat but it also helps you improve your mental health. As you jog for 30 minutes your body releases a group of hormones called endorphins. These hormones reduce your stress levels and have a calming effect on your mind thereby giving you an amazing feeling at the end of your jog

3. Improves blood circulation in the body:

A healthy body is one that has a good circulation of blood in it. In order to have good health, it’s important that the flow of blood is throughout the body. Circulation of blood helps in delivering oxygen inside the body and also helps the body to eliminate waste. When you Jog regularly you are improving blood circulation in the body ensuring that oxygen is pumped throughout the body thereby making the body healthy.

4. Good for heart:

Jogging considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises that strengthen the heart muscles and make them work more efficiently. Additionally, when you jog regularly you are also controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels and also in lowering LDL or bad cholesterol. So, Just include 30 minutes of jogging in your daily routine to be fit and healthy.

5. Jogging regularly develops muscles:

when you jog your entire body is in the motion and that engages the muscles making them more toned. It targets on gluteal muscles, calf muscles, hamstrings, and muscles in the midsectional area of the body. These parts are targeting continuously which strengthens and tones the muscles.

6.Improves Bone strength:

Jogging also improves bone strength. When you Jog regularly it creates an amount of stress and load on the bones which in turn prepare the bones to bear the additional stress. Thus further helps in strengthening the bones and prevents the bone from injuries and trauma. Additionally, it improves the thickness of bones and helps in getting rid of problems like Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Benefits the Respiratory System:

Unlike any other aerobic workout, jogging also enhances your lung capacity and strengthens your respiratory system. When you jog regularly, your lungs become capable of absorbing more oxygen into it. This, in turn, helps in removing the excess carbon dioxide from inside. Your respiratory system is strengthened because your lungs are now capable enough to absorb more oxygen.

8. Reduces stress:

Jogging has a relaxing effect on your mind. It helps in clearing out the unnecessary thoughts from your mind. Many researchers have concluded that when you jog it helps in the release of endorphins that triggers feel-good emotions that will boost your mood and help in reducing stress. Overall, it has a positive impact on a person and it changes their perspective towards life.

9. Prevents infections and communicable diseases:

Jogging helps in stimulating the production of chemicals like lymphocytes and macrophages that help in fighting various kinds of infections like flu, common cold, and some other bacterial infections. These chemicals act as a shield preventing you from infections and communicable diseases.

10. It has Anti-aging benefits

It also ensures that the skin on your face is toned. Additionally, the skin starts looking more fresh and youthful because jogging ensures that the skin receives more blood and oxygen. The better flow of blood and oxygen in the skin acts as an anti-aging agent thereby making you look younger.

So, now that you aware of various benefits of Jogging, what are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes and go on for a jog for 30 minutes. Invest in it and I’m pretty sure that you’ll have an amazing life.

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