Jack Ma: Inspiring Facts about Alibaba’s Founder & China’s Richest Man

Jack Ma: 10 Inspiring Facts about Alibaba’s Co-Founder & China’s Richest Man

Jack Ma 10 Inspiring Facts about Alibaba Co-Founder and China's Richest Person
10 Inspiring Facts about Alibaba Co-Founder and China’s Richest Person – Jack Ma


Jack Ma aka Jack Ma Yun was born on 15th of October, 1964 is a Chinese Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. This self-made man has gone from rags to riches. Jack Ma is the reason behind the Alibaba Group – the world famous online retailing and e-commerce company which is actually bigger than Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or eBay. Let’s take a look at some inspiring facts of Jack Ma who is today considered as the most powerful persons by Forbes Magazine and who is actually China’s richest man. Jack Ma: 10 Inspiring Facts about Alibaba’s Co-Founder & China’s Richest Man

Jack Ma: 10 Inspiring Facts about Alibaba’s Co-Founder & China’s Richest Man:


Passion for English:

Jack had a passion for English since his childhood. He used to travel 40 minutes daily in the morning to a city of Hangzhou that attracts foreign visitors, just to learn English from the real native speakers. He worked as a tourist guide to foreign visitors just to learn English.

Started Career as an English Teacher:

Before making it big, you will be surprised to know that Jack Ma Kick Started his career by working as an English Teacher. He was honoured to be appointed as a university teacher by the Chinese Government.

Rejected by KFC:

After his graduation, Ma was struggling for a decent job. He applied for KFC But, KFC had outrightly rejected his application considering him unsuitable for the job.

Saw his first Computer at the age of 31:

It was in the year 1995 when Mr Ma saw his first computer. He was on a business trip to Seattle which gave him the first Web Surfing experience. This trip has changed his entire life forever.

Knows only the basics of Computer:

In an interview with Charlie Rose, he quotes “The only thing I can use my computer for is to send, receive email and browse” This English High School teacher knows nothing about technology but he made a name for himself in the field of technology.

His First Start-up Venture was a disaster:

Mr Ma has utilised his entire savings and loans from relatives to start his first venture called ‘China Yellow Pages. It was his first online business which was set up with an investment of about $2000. The site crashed on the launch date itself.

Started Alibaba along with his students:

In the year 1999, Jack Ma along with his students conceived the idea of online retailing and e-commerce. They jointly established an online company specialising in online retailing by naming it as Alibaba.

His wife fell for his skills:

Ma’s wife Zhang Ying once said that Ma wasn’t good looking but she still fell for him because she believed Ma can do a lot of things which handsome men cannot do.

The first Chinese to appear on the Forbes:

It is every billionaire’s dream to appear on the Forbes. It was only Jack Ma from China who appeared on the Forbes magazine.

He’s a Cynophilist:

Not many know that this technical entrepreneur is a cynophilist. This Dog Lover owns a pet by name “Apollo” named after the Greek god – the god of poetry.

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Image: Wikipedia Commons (Pic of Jack Ma)

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