Interesting facts about Canada: May series:

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Interesting facts about Canada
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Before we begin our daily fact series, just go through some basic facts about Canada:

  1. Name: Canada.
  2. Continent: North America.
  3. Capital: Ottawa 
  4. Moto: A Mari Usque Ad Mare “From Sea to Sea”
  5. Anthem:  O Canada
  6. Official Languages: English and French
  7. Independence from the UK: July 1, 1867
  8. Monarch: Elizabeth II
  9. Prim Minister:  Justin Trudeau

Interesting facts about Canada: May 20:

Canada has the longest highways in the world. The highway is called the Trans-Canada Highway which spreads around 7,600+ Kilometers in length.

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May 19:

Canda also has an enormous amount of water resources. The country has almost about 9 % of the world’s renewable water supply!

May 18:

Canada is also known for cold winters. It has recorded the coldest temperature of -63 C (-81.4 F) in the small village of the snag in the year 1947. This roughly close to the temperature as the surface of Mars!

May 17:

Canada also has the largest coastline in the world. The coastline of Canada stretches at 243,977 kilometres, i.e about 151,600 miles.

May 16:

Apart from Maple syrup, Poutine is Canadian’s favourite thing. It’s a dish that includes french fries and cheese curds that are topped with a thick brown gravy. This dish originated in the Canadian province of Quebec.

May 15:

Canadians love two things so much than anything else. One is Maple Syrup and the other is Poutine. These are the two things Canadians love to the core.

May 14:

Canadians love maple syrup. Québec a predominantly French-speaking province in eastern Canada is the world’s largest manufacturer of maple syrup.

May 13:

Canada is the biggest producer of flax seeds in the world. It produces almost 875,000 tonnes of flax a year, which is more than double the production of the second-biggest producer in the world i.e. Kazakhstan.

May 12:

Canada is a greener nation with an abundance of trees. In fact, Canada contributes about 30 per cent of the World’s boreal forest and 10 per cent of the earth’s total forest cover.

May 11

In Churchill Canada, people leave their cars unlocked with an intention to help pedestrians escape encounters from Polar Bears.

May 10:

Canda is one of the most educated nations in the world. More than half of the Canadians have College degrees.

May 9:

Almost about 1.4 Million people in Canada are Aboriginal. These include: ‘Indian’ People, Metis and Inuit. It also has a separate day for celebration in the name of these people and hence, June 21 is celebrated as ‘National Aboriginal Day’ in Canada.

May 8:

Nine out of ten Canadians live on the US-Canada border region. which is up to 200 kilometres from the United States of America/ Canada border.

May 7:

Six cities in Canada have a population of more than one million. These six cities include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

May 6:

Canada derives its name from the Huron-Iroquois word ‘KANATA’, which means ‘village’ or ‘settlement’ or ‘Village’.

May 5

Fact 5:

Some of the famous Canadian Celebrities include James Cameron, Jim Carry, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds and Celine Dion.

May 4

Fact 4:

Canadian’s love travelling and their favourite holiday destinations include the United States of America, Mexico and Cuba.

May 3

Fact 3:

Most of the travellers arriving in Canada come from the United Kingdom, the United States of American and France.

May 2

Fact 2:

Canada is the largest country in terms of area in the entire Western hemisphere. Furthermore, it’s also the second-largest nation after Russia in terms of area and size.

May 1

Fact 1:

Canada is one of the few countries that has the highest literacy rate. In Canada, the literacy rate is 99 per cent. This means almost all of the citizens of Canada can read and write.

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