Idioms and Phrases about People with examples

Wordful Wednesday is here, and guess what? We bring you some of the best people idioms in English that can really make your conversations more interesting. For the people wondering what an idiom is? let us first make that clear to you. Idioms are basically an expression of a phrase that is mostly used by native speakers. They don’t literally mean the exact thing when expressed, but they convey a common message. For example, when some says, “I’m just pulling your leg”, it doesn’t mean that he is literally going to pull your leg. It’s a commonly used expression used to indicate that he is joking on you.

There are some hundreds of thousands of idioms in the English language. Most of the sites on the internet present a huge list of these idioms which can be exasperating for learners who want the learning process to be slow and transparent. So, we’ve decided that we will come up with few words at regular intervals to make your learning process easier and convenient. So let’s dive into some of the popular people idioms that you can use in your daily conversations.

Idioms and Phrases about people with examples
Idioms and Phrases about people with examples

Idiom 1: Big fish in a small pond:

Also used as a Big frog in a small pond, it may mean to represent an important or a highly qualified or skilled person in a small organization or an entity. It can also mean to represent someone who is overqualified for a position in the organization. For example, Some people would always like to be a big fish in a small pond, as it has many perks and benefits associated with it.

Idiom 2. All things to All people:

When someone is trying to too hard to satisfy or please somebody, it usually means that he is trying to be “all things to all people”. For example, The politicians pretend and are all things to all people only till they win elections.

Idiom 3. A Fuddy Duddy:

A fuddy-duddy is a phrase used to indicate a person who is naive to adopt a new style, process, technology. It may also mean to represent that he doesn’t adopt modern customs, ideas, and behaviors. He loves being a traditionalist and old-fashioned.  For example, one can’t be a fuddy-duddy to manage the affairs of modern organizations that emphasize more on innovation and information technology. 

Idioms 4. Head Honcho:

Head Honcho is one who enjoys the highest authority in an organization. He is the one who can influence his employees to get things done with his authority. For example, ” Jenny being a Head Honcho, she can easily influence her staff to implement the new policy regulations.”

Idioms 5. Social Butterfly:

Any person who loves to interact with people, socialize with them, he is usually represented as a social butterfly. These people love being in crowds, talking to people, making new friends and engaging in conversations etc. In short, they are extroverts. For example, “John is little reserved, but his twin brother Jack is completely a social butterfly.”

So, now that you’ve have mastered these 5 people idioms, try to use these idioms regularly in your social settings and improve your communication skills.

And this small infographic for you:

Idioms and Phrases about people with examples
Idioms and Phrases about people with examples

If you have enjoyed reading this post, let us know which one of the following idioms are new to you by commenting that idiom in the comment section. And please do share this post, because everyone deserves to learn. If you love reading such posts, you can learn more on Wordful Wednesday

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