Idioms and Phrases June Series: Learn a new idiom daily.

2020 is here and If improving vocabulary is one of your resolutions for 2020, you are in the right place. Bookmark our site in order to read Idioms and Phrases June Idioms series. Also, remember to go through the Word of the day May series.

Idioms and Phrases June Series: June 4:

A new lease on life:

Meaning: Used in a context when you start a new life with a renewed revitalized outlook on life.

Example Sentence: Getting the job offer with a multi-national company is a new lease on life.

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June 3:

Strike a bargain:

Meaning: Used in a context when you finally reach an agreement or negotiate something at a better price.

Example Sentence: Initially the shop-keeper refused to give a discount, but we tried our best and we were successful to strike a bargain for the items.

June 2

A Cushy Job:

Meaning: Used to describe a job that is much easier, stress-free and is a well-paid job.

Example Sentence: After Amish got that cushy job with the bank, he bought a new home for his family and a brand new car for his wife.

June 1

A piece of cake

Meaning: Used to describe a task or activity that is easy to do or achieve.

Example Sentence: Solving such mathematical equations and puzzles is a piece of cake for me.

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In the first place, We would like to thank our readers for showing us their commendable support. We have received emails from our lovely readers stating that they enjoyed learning new words every day. Some of them even stated that they started implementing it in their daily routine. For this reason, we have decided to start the same series for this month.

Some Tips to improve vocabulary:

  1. Learn new words every day so that you can increase your word power.
  2. Learning new words will not be sufficient, try to include those words in your daily conversations.
  3. Besides learning new words, Keep discussing those words from time to time. Furthermore, Discuss them with someone who is interested in vocabulary.
  4. Carry a dictionary. Wait, that doesn’t mean that you carry a huge bulky dictionary, You have many apps available on both android and ios platforms. Download them.
  5. Understand the root words. This will make your job easier.
  6. Another key point is to use flashcards to memorize new words.
  7. Read frequently.
  8. Make a note of word that you don’t know accordingly and refer that in a dictionary.
  9.  In addition to the above, you can visit us and bookmark our site: to learn a new word every day.
  10. Furthermore, you can also find many apps that notify you of a new word every day.

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