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Idioms and Phrases February Series: February 14:

As nice as pie:

Meaning: Used in a context when a person is friendly and affectionate.

Example Sentence: After the argument between Sandra and Sameera, Sameera tried to be as nice as pie.

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February 13:

As full as a tick:

Meaning: Used in a context when someone has eaten or drunk too much.

Example Sentence: Samira’s son ate biscuits and drank cool drinks until he was as full as a tick.

February 12:

As common as muck:

Meaning: Used to describe someone who lacks knowledge or taste about worldly things; unsophisticated, low-class, navie, or simple.

Example Sentence: Emila discovered that all her clients were as common as muck and so she decided to stay with the basic collection in her boutique.

February 11:

As cocky as the king of spades:

Meaning: Used to in a context to describe someone who is boastful and proud of his achievements.

Example Sentence: Sam could challenge anyone for an arm wrestle. He’s just as cocky as the king of spades.

February 10:

Business before pleasure:

Meaning: Used to say that it is considered beneficial to complete one’s work before relaxing or enjoying oneself.

Example Sentence: I’d love to party with you but I’ve got a report to finish. My manager reminded me of business before pleasure.

February 9:

Big fish in a small pond:

Meaning: Used to describe a person who has a highly ranked position in a small organization.

Example Sentence: Sam could get a job with a big company but he enjoys being a big fish in a small pond.

February 8:

Stick to your guns:

Meaning: Used in a context to describe someone’s dedication or determination without changing their opinions or decisions.

Example Sentence: If you really want to succeed in life, you got to stick to your guns and work for it.

February 7:

I’m terrible at names:

Meaning: Used in a context when someone wants to say that he is not good at remembering the names of others.

Example Sentence: I’m terrible at names. Could you please tell me your name again?

February 6:

As thick as mince:

Meaning: Used to describe someone who is remarkably stupid, or idiotic.

Example Sentence: Blake’s new girlfriend is pretty and sweet, but she’s as thick as mince.

February 5:

As clear as vodka:

Meaning: Used in a context to describe something which is very clear, transparent and easily understandable.

Example Sentence: Everything our manager explained about the process is as clear as vodka.

Idioms and Phrases February Series: As clear as Vodka

February 4:

Earn while you learn:

Meaning: Used to express the situation where one gets to opportunity to earn while learning or training.

Example Sentence: If you get an opportunity to become an apprenticeship, you should definitely accept it. You can earn while you learn.

February 3:

A spring in one’s step:

Meaning: Used in a context when a person walks in a happy, energetic manner.

Example Sentence: Jessie has been walking with a spring in her step ever since she was announced as the best student of the class.

February 2:

Paid Peanuts:

Meaning: Used to describe a person who is paid a low salary irrespective of a work/job.

Example Sentence: James has a very interesting and competitive job, but he’s paid peanuts.

Idioms and Phrases February Series February 1:

Plum Job:

Meaning: Used to describe a job or position that is well-paid with fewer roles and responsibilities.

Example Sentence: Anisha is lucky to find herself a plum job in a highly competitive corporate.


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