Idioms and Phrases August Series: Learn a new idiom daily.

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Idioms and Phrases August Series: August 13:

Hit the book:

Meaning: Used in a context when someone wants to read a book.

Example Sentence: I have spent my lock down time hitting the books.

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August 12:

Hit the bottle:

Meaning: Used in a context when someone consumes alcohol in excess.

Example Sentence: Alex has decided that he would never hit the bottle in his entire life.

August 11:

Clear the decks:

Meaning: Used in a context when you remove all the obstacles in the work so as to start the work.

Example Sentence: By sanctioning the budget and filling in the vacancies, the committee has cleared the decks for our new office.

August 10:

Cut someone down to size:

Meaning: Used in a context when someone tries to show others that they are not intelligent or important as they think.

Example Sentence: The boss cut that arrogant guy to size in no time.

August 9:

Separate the wheat from the chaff:

Meaning: Used in a context when you separate the valuable from the worthless.

Example Sentence: The new testing procedure to evaluate employees will separate the wheat from the chaff.

August 8:

Be as nutty as fruitcake:

Meaning: Used to describe a strange or a crazy person.

Example Sentence: Anisha is intense, funny and as nutty as a fruitcake.

August 7:

An open book:

Meaning: Used to describe something that is easy to understand; someone who is honest, straight forward & has no secrets.

Example Sentence: Anik is an open book. He will surely give us genuine feedback about the vacation.

August 6:

As bold as brass:

Meaning: Used to describe someone who is brave and confident in his approach and style.

Example Sentence: Ameesha is as bold as brass. She would never hesitate to ask questions in front of everyone.

August 5:

Cream of the Crop:

Meaning: Used in a context to describe someone or something that is best among the group of people or things.

Example Sentence: Anik selected Ashish for his new project because he is definitely the cream of the crop.

August 4:

Bang for the buck:

Meaning: Used in a context to describe something that is affordable, within the budget and has high value.

Example Sentence: That shopping mall has amazing offers every week. You get a bank for your buck.

August 3:

Sell like hotcakes:

Meaning: Something that has huge demand and sells in huge numbers.

Example Sentence: The new range of cosmetics launched by the company are sold like hotcakes.

August 2:

Class clown:

Meaning: Used to describe a student who makes everyone laugh in the class.

Example Sentence: Samaira is a class clown who is engaged in talking and making fun of others in the class.

August 1

Ahead of the curve:

Meaning: Used to describe someone who is better than others.

Example Sentence: Keith is ahead of the curve with his analytical skills.

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In the first place, We would like to thank our readers for showing us their commendable support. We have received emails from our lovely readers stating that they enjoyed learning new words every day. Some of them even stated that they started implementing it in their daily routine. For this reason, we have decided to start the same series for this month.

Some Tips to improve vocabulary:

  1. Learn new words every day so that you can increase your word power.
  2. Learning new words will not be sufficient, try to include those words in your daily conversations.
  3. Besides learning new words, Keep discussing those words from time to time. Furthermore, Discuss them with someone who is interested in vocabulary.
  4. Carry a dictionary. Wait, that doesn’t mean that you carry a huge bulky dictionary, You have many apps available on both android and ios platforms. Download them.
  5. Understand the root words. This will make your job easier.
  6. Another key point is to use flashcards to memorize new words.
  7. Read frequently.
  8. Make a note of word that you don’t know accordingly and refer that in a dictionary.
  9.  In addition to the above, you can visit us and bookmark our site: to learn a new word every day.
  10. Furthermore, you can also find many apps that notify you of a new word every day.

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