Affirmations to cope with anxiety and stress.

Is Anxiety troubling you? If so, then relax, take a deep breath. This article is an entire month course with affirmations that are updated every day. Use these affirmations every single day for the entire month. So bookmark this page to repeat these affirmations every day. Please note that you practice these affirmations every day without losing the continuity for maxim relief. Here are some Affirmations to cope with anxiety and stress.

Before we being let’s try to understand Anxiety.

As per the American Psychological Association (APA) anxiety is “an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure.

As you look at the definition above, it is clearly evident that anxiety is an emotion that often creates feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes in our body. It must be noted here that it all starts with the emotion – that is how we feel about something. In these 30 days course, we will update one affirmation that will ensure that you feel good and positive about yourself. Make sure that you actually feel the affirmation every day. For maximum benefit, we suggest using these affirmations for at least 5 minutes before you go to sleep.

Bookmark this page and use these affirmations to relieve yourselves from anxiety and stress.

Affirmations to cope with anxiety and stress.

July 31:

I am thankful to the Universe, that is constantly guiding me and directing me to lead a positive and fulfilled life.

Tip: Read the affirmation, understand it, think about it, and develop a feeling. Now close your eyes, sit in a calm environment, and repeat this feeling for the next 5 minutes.

And that’s a wrap for July Series, Come back tomorrow on the same page to read August affirmations

July 30:

I use my energy to create more love, joy, peace and happiness into my life.

July 29:

I am grateful for my healthy and energetic body that is constantly serving me.

July 28:

I am aligned with my ability to love and respect me.

July 27:

I am always healthy and my mind is filled with positive and uplifting thoughts.

July 26:

I surround myself with positive energy that guides me in every area of my life.

July 25:

I trust in my abilities and I am capable of manifesting miracles in my life.

July 24:

I release my negativity by releasing fears and doubts.

July 23:

I am worthy, powerful and capable of finding answers.

July 22:

I am living my life with purpose.

July 21:

I am at peace with my past. I am in love with my present. I am excited about my future.

July 20:

I always trust myself. I trust my power, confidence, and abilities.

July 19:

I am a positive person and I always look at the positive aspects of my life.

July 18:

I believe in the divine universal power that guides me, and protects me

July 17:

I am thankful and grateful for the good in my life.

July 16:

I have realized the power of Gratitude and I use it to multiply magnificence into my life.

July 15:

I release doubt, fear and anger and welcome, faith, confidence and peace in life.

July 14:

I accept myself and I am worthy of a beautiful life.

July 13:

I completely trust in the power of the Universe that always protects me and guides me.

July 12:

Everything in my life is perfect and I feel completely safe.

July 11:

I respect myself and I am full of compassion, kindness, Gratitude, and love.

July 10:

I trust in the power of the Universe that always has something good to offer me.

July 9:

Peaceful energy is radiating out from around me.

July 8:

I am blessed with the power of controlling my thoughts.

July 7:

I am calm and composed in every decision that I take. This gives me the best results and outcomes.

July 6:

As I focus my attention on positivity and peace every day I become more confident, peaceful, and positive.

Affirmations to cope with anxiety and stress July 5:

I am positive, controlled and I focus on positivity in my life.

July 4:

I am grateful for all that I have.

July 3:

I breathe in confidence and happiness and I breathe out all my worries and doubts.

July 2:

I am always protected by the divine force.

July 1:

As I breathe inside, I feel positive and as I breathe outside, I feel relieved from negativity. This entire process calms me.

Came back tomorrow on the same page to read affirmations every day.

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